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Child Parent Psychotherapy is a national, evidence-based, intensive therapy model. Clinicians trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy work with young children (birth through age five) and their parents in the context of family and cultural values, supporting family strengths and relationships, and helping families heal and grow after stressful experiences.

Florida State University's Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy is proud to offer Child Parent Psychotherapy training to Florida's mental health professionals, growing the workforce of clinicians using this model. In addition, the Center offers supports to these clinicians through webinars, trainings, and case consultations. These supports help strengthen skills, expand clinical expertise, and create a learning community. 

Child Parent Psychotherapy

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Child Parent Psychotherapy in Florida's Early Childhood Courts

Child Parent Psychotherapy is the primary treatment modality used with families involved in Florida's Early Childhood Courts. These courts uses the science of attachment and a trauma-informed team to improve outcomes for safety, permanency, and well-being for abused and neglected young children during the most pivotal time for brain development. Early Childhood Courts are one type of Florida's many successful problem-solving courts designed to address both the legal and underlying nonlegal issues to break the cycle of multigenerational trauma and court involvement. 

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Statewide Directories


Florida CPP Clinicians
CPP Clinicians in Florida's Early Childhood Courts
GeoMap of Florida's Clinicians

Training Team

Valerie Dallas, LCSW 

Dr. Kristie Skoglund, LMHC 

Sharon Ross-Donaldson

Heidy Garcia

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