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Finding the Gold Within

Overcoming Adversity to Create a Happy Life

 Now available in the Digital Curriculum as an add-on!

A guide to nurturing your inner capacity for resiliency so you can quickly and gracefully recover from life’s challenges with sustained hope, strength to persevere, and relationships that provide meaning and joy in your life. 

Filled with beautiful illustrations, readings, and activities designed to promote self-examination and insight and to inspire the phenomenal self within. 


Adversity is common. Many of us have had Adverse Childhood Experiences, known as ACES. These experiences can have lifelong impact on our health, relationships, and emotional well-being. "Healing" trauma is not so much about rectifying the past as it is not letting it control your current life.


Resiliency doesn't stop developing once you grow up. Resiliency is nurtured by family and friends, facilitated through helping relationships, and supported by schools, institutions, and community. People thrive when they successfully work through adversity and feel supported in positive relationships while dealing with life's challenges. Finding the Gold Within will help you strengthen these qualities so you can bounce back from difficulties, and find meaning and joy in your life.

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10 "Windows" to
Finding the Gold Within

Opening a window allows fresh air and light in, awakening and refreshing all within. It shines light on the cobwebs in our dark corners or reveals things long forgotten under the bed. Illuminating the dark is the first step toward dealing with the past. This book offers 10 "windows" that can bring a fresh view of yourself and your potential for a happier, more meaningful life. Based on resiliency research, each "window" can shine light on your Gold Within and help you bounce back from adversity with grace.

  1. The first window is Making Your Dreams Come True. Resiliency grows when you have a dream to inspire you and a treasure map to get your there. This section helps you start manifesting your dreams and heart’s desires by setting attainable goals.

  2. Invariably, there will be obstacles to achieving your dream. Facing Decisions & Challenges helps you learn to successfully overcome these difficulties, to resolve challenging situations in positive constructive ways rather than in self-destructive behaviors, and to bounce back gracefully from adversity.

  3. Healing Inner Wounds builds resiliency by practicing forgiveness and trusting you are capable even when you’ve made big mistakes.

  4. Getting a New Attitude helps you to replace self-defeating thoughts with expectations that good things will happen in your life even though things may be hard now. Visualizing what you want, rather than worrying about what you fear, helps build self-confidence and resilience.

  5. Loving & Nurturing Yourself promotes a healthy body, mind, and spirit, and builds reserves for tough times.

  6. Nurturing Love & Friendship builds healthy relationships that buffer adversity.

  7. Nurturing children with kindness and encouragement Fosters Resiliency in children.

  8. Creating Abundance in Your Life helps build confidence in attracting more good — more wealth, more health and more happiness.

  9. Mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual practices help Strengthening Your Spiritual Connection inspires hope and faith.

  10. The final section, Stepping into Your Greatness, integrates all the aspects of resiliency to awaken the magnificent woman inside — the most precious discovery in your life!

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